Hello and welcome to the sixth ChilloutVR Developer Update.

First we would like to thank you all for the great feedback we got from the early access launch — even if you gave negative reviews, you helped us to improve our product, which we are very thankful for.

Unlocked Account Sale

To celebrate our Steam Early Access start, we have added a 50% discount for the unlocked account on Steam starting on February 18th, 19:00 UTC.

We have also added a discount code for unlock purchases on the ABI Store. You can get your unlocked account for half of the price at https://hub.abinteractive.net/store

Hello and welcome to the fifth ChilloutVR Developer Update.

The last months have been a lot of background work to prepare for big upcoming changes to the hub, the game, new systems and overall improvements. In this Developer Update we would like to show you what is coming for Hub 4.0 as well as talk about upcoming additions to the game.

We deeply apologize to and thank all of you that have been supporting us even though we went silent for a while — we were actively working on new things.

Release dates

As many of you are waiting for the hub…

Hello and welcome to the fourth ChilloutVR Developer Update.

First, we would like to thank all of you for your continued support and all the help we got on the last months. We were able to fix many issues with your help and are still on the never ending road of making the best social VR sandbox possible.

Due to many reworks of core parts of the server software and parts of the hub, we had to go silent for a bit. We have not been doing a huge break, we have been working on many things to make sure…

In this status report we would like to recap some of the changes made in and around the release of ChilloutVR 2020r150 and its patch versions.

We also want to talk about the upcoming release of ChilloutVR 2020r151 and what this release will bring to the platform.

Recap of r150

With ChilloutVR 2020r150 we have added many new things like the friends system, invites, improved content safety, portals for world creators and more. (a full list can be seen here: https://docs.abinteractive.net/chilloutvr-2020r150)

After the release of the update, we were experiencing some crashes and issues. We have released two patch versions of ChilloutVR 2020r150…

In this status report we are going to talk about additions to the last developer update. Mentioned changes will be included with ChilloutVR 2020r150.

We are addressing topics like eyetracking, lipsync, the upcoming quick menu and more. We are also talking about the upcoming creator contest.

We will have our developers speaking about upcoming additions as well as the estimated DOA (Day Of Arrival) for the r150 update.

This status report is an addition to the first developer update we have posted some time ago. If you did not read that one already, please do so:

Community Update — Creator Contest

As a part of…

In this status report we are going to talk about topics, many of you were bringing to us in the last weeks.

In this month we will be adressing more QoL (Quality of Live) requests such as some changes to the Content Creation Kit as well as addition of features to the game that make everything easier.

To get things off the table, we will have our Head of Development NicoKuroKusagi speaking about upcoming changes to the platform and features to expect in the near future as well as a status on features planned for the general future.

The Safety System

ChilloutVR 2020r150…

As many of you know we have been working on multiple improvements across the whole metaverse. In the following article you can read about the biggest changes in the background and about our plans for the next updates.

This month, we are going to speak about the following topics:

  1. The current state of the game
  2. The upcoming update
  3. The changes to our payment & accounting models
  4. Our future plans for ChilloutVR

The current state of ChilloutVR

As everyone knows, ChilloutVR has started its closed alpha testing on February 14, 2020. That means that the alpha is not even a month old.

From the first network…

Alpha Blend Interactive

Developers of ChilloutVR, Studio that aims for the perfect social VR & Desktop metaverse.

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